Learn the Essentials of Python API Development

(The Beginners Guide on Python API Development)


The goal of the "Learn the Essentials of Python API Development" course is to give more understanding on real-time scenarios from the basics to the advanced level concepts. This course is intended to make everyone as the expert in order to do the projects. Many real-time scenarios and projects tips are discussed in various lectures of this course.

Features of Course

• Simple and easy explanation. • Basic to advanced concepts are covered. • Explained with real-time scenarios. • Project tips are covered. • Certification concepts are covered. • Helpful for doing real-time project.

What will you learn?

This course will give good understanding of concepts and practical examples from the fundamentals. Interview aspects and real-time scenarios are covered within the lectures of the course. By the end of the course you will learn below concepts: • Starting with Basics • Starting to Build Our Project • Manipulating a Database with SQLAlchemy • Authentication Services and Security with JWT • Object Serialization with marshmallow • Email Confirmation • Working with Images • Pagination, Searching, and Ordering • Building More Features • Deployment


There are no prerequisites, anyone can learn this course.

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  • Interview concepts are covered within the lectures of the course.

Real-time scenarios are covered within the lectures of the course.

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