About us

Our Journey

  • Vullam was initiated with a concept to make Learning easy and one should be able to learn anything and everything irrespective of one’s educational background and one should venture into different fields by enhancing the new skills without any restrictions and reach the pinnacle in their careers. 

  • Vullam was a thought which was evolved in to the Founder’s Insights during his early study days where in he faced lot of difficulties to understand the lectures taught to him because either they use Jargon language while teaching or in fact the lecturers never really know how to share their knowledge in a simplest way by which students would grasp it easily. With these problems prevailing throughout his career he faced lot of difficulties and couldn’t complete learning what he planned for. Throughout his life he was waiting for someone who could teach anything in a very simplest way and delivering the learned subject in a clear and precise way from user perspective but in vain. In fact, founder has come across many persons who faced this situation where they want to learn something to make their career but no one could help them with clarity teaching by understanding the learner’s capabilities. Founder believes that every person has different capabilities but same power in learning things. First it must be understood by the trainers and then start teaching, which in turn generates impressive results.

  • Using this method, he started training students in his house and has seen amazing results within the group which has made some impossible things possible from poor students. He proved his own belief “Anyone can learn “From there he never stopped and wanted this to happen in every corner of the world.

  • He taglines learning as “Product Needs Quality and Education Needs Clarity”. And he believes that secret of teaching is “Teach Soul Not Mind”.

  • Vullam IT in an integral part Vullam group.
  • Vullam is a brand which deals with world class IT education services with millions of learners across the globe.
  • Visit our official websitewww.vullam.com for desktop application.

  • Vullam IT Key Features include:
    1) Online Training with Job support and Project support
    2) Class Room Training Job support and Project support
    3) Corporate Training
    4) Self Paced Training Job support and Project support
    5) Project Support
    6) Certification Specialization
    7) IT Career Building Support.

  • We offer a best guidance to careers in Information Sector for long term success.

  • Vullam continuously thrives for the best education services ever provided in this world and it works with principle "Any body can learn" and taglines its teaching technique as "Product needs Quality and Teaching needs Clarity".
  • Vullam is active in Schooling and College Education Services across the globe providing the revolutionary educational services.