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Learn MongoDB with Python


The aim of the course "Learn MongoDB with Python" is to make the learners gain the knowledge on the subject to the fullest. The approach of the course is to make everyone learn easily by analyzing and understanding it thoroughly. This course emphasizes on covering maximum real-time scenarios in order to understand the subject more practical approach.

Features of Course

• Simple and easy explanation. • Basic to advanced concepts are covered. • Explained with real-time scenarios. • Project tips are covered. • Certification concepts are covered. • Helpful for doing real-time project.

What will you learn?

This course is helpful for all types of learners and who wants to become expert in the subject as it covers from basic to advanced concepts and real-time scenarios. Here are the topics which will be covered in this course. • Setting up a Python Environment with MongoDB • Reading and Writing to MongoDB with Python • Introduction to MongoDB Query Language • Common MongoDB and Python Patterns • MongoDB with Web Frameworks


There are no prerequisites, anyone can learn this course.

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  • Interview concepts are covered within the lectures of the course.

Real-time scenarios are covered within the lectures of the course.

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