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a) Contacting the Instructor

b) Video playback issues

c) Cannot find my course

d) Failed course purchase


a) How to become an Instructor

b) Video playback issues

c) My revenue share

a) Contacting the Instructor:

If you are already enrolled in the course you can message an instructor from the course dashboard.

  • From My Courses, click on the course that you have a questions about
  • On the left hand side of the page, click on Overview, and scroll down. You will see the instructor's profile at the bottom of the page. Click on the instructor's name and you will be directed to their profile page.
  • Hit Send message. You will be taken to your inbox.
  • Compose message and click Send.
b) Video playback issues:

If the video lecture is not loading, try the following steps to resolve the most common video loading issues.

  1. Refresh your browser.
  2. Quit your browser and re-open it.
  3. Log out of Vullam and log back in.
  4. Clear your browser's cookies and cache. Be sure to restart your browser before trying again
  5. Restart your computer and your modem
  6. Check your browser version and update if outdated.
  7. Try a different browser, like Google Chrome.
  8. Try a different device or computer if possible
  9. Turn off hardware acceleration (in Firefox or on Windows).
  10. Try lowering the video quality of the lecture
  11. Take a note of your browser extensions/plugins/firewall programs. Is there anything that could be interfering with the streaming of the videos? We recommend testing with an incognito window to troubleshoot.
  12. Test your internet connection's speed
If you're still having trouble, it's possible that there's something wrong with the video file. Please send a message to the instructor and contact Vullam’s Help & support. When contacting support, please include:
  • Your browser version
  • Your OS (Windows 7, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • The course URL and lecture number
  • Your internet connection speed test results
  • The resolution you were watching the video lecture at (ie - 720p, 480p etc)
  • A screenshot or screen cast of the problem. The more information you can provide, the faster we'll be able to resolve the issues you're encountering on our site.
c) Cannot find my course:

If you've bought a course and it is not showing up in My Courses, try the following suggestions:

Missing Mobile Purchase

If you purchased a course on mobile, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to [email protected].

Multiple E-mail Accounts

If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a Facebook or Google account, try logging in with the associated e-mail addresses.

Misspelled E-mail

If you're still having trouble, you may have misspelled your e-mail when first signing up. If you did not receive an e-mail with a receipt for your purchase, please send a message to [email protected] and include your first and last name, and the title of the course that you're missing.

Still Stuck?

Send us an e-mail at [email protected] with the following details:

  • Course title
  • First and last name
  • Course purchase date
  • Purchase receipt
d) Failed course purchase

If you've encountered an error while attempting to purchase a course, then one of these trouble shooting steps should resolve the problem, so you can enroll and start learning!

Troubleshooting Steps
  • Card and Location- The card and country you're in have to match or the charge will not be approved. Use a card registered to the country you are in. 
  • International Cards - Your bank or account may not be set up for international purchases (we're in India). Try a different card or try using Paypal; or, try using our mobile app.
  • In the UK or Canada? Enter your Post Code in the "Zip Code" field. If your payment failure states it is due to zip code, contact your bank to ensure they have the right one on file. If zip codes aren't applicable in your country, please try entering all zeros (00000) into the zip code/postal code field.
  • Incorrect Info - Make sure that your card number, CVV/security code, and expiration date are entered correctly. Please note, copying and pasting card info will not work.
  • CVC Code - Our payment system only accepts numbers for this field.  Please note that entering letters here will not work.
  • Cache Issues - If you're sure you're entering the right card number, and it's still telling you it looks invalid, or the pay button isn't showing up, there may be a caching issue. Please clear your cache and try again. For instructions on how to clear your cache, please click here
  • If you see the message "Oops, something went wrong,"  often this is caused by Vullam accounts that use a Rocketmail email to login. Unfortunately, payment attempts from Rocketmail accounts will not be accepted by our system. Please try changing your e-mail address to a non-Rocketmail domain and try again.

    If you do not have a Rocketmail address, or you're still having issues purchasing a course, please contact Vullam Support.