Live Corporate Training

We are the best corporate training providers with friendly features in our training programme. Live corporate training is programme designed for corporates where we teach at your own work location and at your comfortable time. Let us know your location and we will provide expert training to your entire team.

Online Corporate Training

Sometimes Corporates are more comfortable in taking training online with our experts through online mode. We provide this feature round the clock any time globally for any corporates from east to west and north to south. We have excellent tools for online training services specially designed for corporates.

Corporate Project Support

Vullam is always ready to help you in your project needs. Mostly after training employees may face difficulties in handling the projects as real-time projects are always fragile and differs from training level. In these cases, just let us know if you need any support, we are ready to help you to overcome the problems in your project which will help in smooth running of your project development.

Free Certification Exam

Vullam has excellent real-time certification exam process which has helped many individuals to write real exam without any difficulty. With this feature, you will be getting prominent level advantage of getting certified in real exam. We give this exam opportunity free of cost to our corporate trainees.

We know corporates very well

When coming to corporate training we are the best providers because we have complete idea on corporate requirements. Corporate training with us will have following benefits.

We dealt with many corporates and we identified what are most needed features for any corporate programme. Following are our features which made us world’s best.

  1. Free projects
  2. Free certification exam
  3. On job support for employees
  4. Project support
  5. POC creation
  6. Continuous support for employees
  7. Very flexible and friendly


Our certification is widely accepted by many of the companies worldwide. Getting certification from Vullam qualifies you for most of the interviews for the technology you are certified.

Vullam certification is provided after completion of project or Course or exam . Project completion certification wil be given once you finish your project in Vullam you will be given certification about project completion and it may vary as per the domain you chose to finish project.

There are nearly 7890 certifications provided to the students as of now worldwide and most of them as in highest ranks of their career. Many persons are proud of Vullam certification as it helped them to reach their career prospectus.


During training, it’s good to practice daily immediately after classes. But for some technologies students cannot have software installed in their laptops or sometimes no licence is available for some software. We a Vullam are ready to help our students all over the world by providing virtual access to labs or direct access to our machines to help practice. Also, our trainers are also ready to assist you while you are practicing.

Vullam World Wide


Passionate Instructors



100 plus


$ 10k

Avg. Instructor Earnings


Courses In All Modes


Vullam is not just training institute. We know what every person wants when he come for training with Vullam and we let him feel free to start speaking and let us know how he feels.

Vullam periodically conducts series of tests to our instructors to make them updated with latest world versions.

Vullam is no doubt the world’s best training providers. Look at the below features of Vullam training.

Vullam special qualities

  • 1. Friendly training
  • 2. Job support after training
  • 3. Continuous guidance
  • 4. Career counselling
  • 5. Hand on hand guidance
  • 6. Free exam
  • 7. Free project
  • 8. Interview facing
  • 9. Regional language if you are not good in universal language
  • 10. Resume preparation
  • 11. Flexible shifting form one mode to other
  • 12. Project explanation
  • 13. Great material
  • 14. Certification preparation
  • 15. Special request training
  • 16. Absent classes handling
  • 17. Direct contact with high management for any needs
  • 18. Great learning atmosphere

These are our features and it makes us the world’s best. We proudly say that we are the only one who provides such a great level of training. Come and make career with us.



We at Vullam always connect you to the deepest level and help you to get result of your training either its job or its certification or any of your career related needs. We will be there till you get your career fulfilment providing you all the necessary guidelines.

May have experienced till now our hand on hand guidance come you too join the great atmosphere and make your life better.


Everyone expects support not only during training but also after the training. We at Vullam are ready to support every individual till they get job. Remember even after job we get you the help from our team on your projects so that you can sustain on your job till you fly on your own.