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Mastering Blue Prism Server with real-time Scenarios


Blue Prism is one of the finest RPA tools which is used widely in various projects. Blue Prism server deals with the complete setup of Blue Prism environment. "Mastering Blue Prism Server with real-time Scenarios" course covers RPA, Blue Prism and Blue Prism Server concepts. It is intended for all types of learners from basics to expert level.

Features of Course

Simple and easy explanation for better understanding. Covered Project real-time scenarios. Useful for all types of learners. Interview topics are discussed in the lectures. Explained the certification topics along with tips.

What will you learn?

As this course covers details RPA and Blue Prism, learner will understand the basic details of RPA and Blue Prism as well. It exclusively covers the Blue Prism Server concepts where learner can easily understand the all Blue Prism environment setup details. Interview topics and certification topics are covered in the lectures which will help greatly to the learners.


Need to have basic idea about RPA and Blue Prism. It is recommended to go through below course first: https://www.vullam.com/Home/CourseIntro?id=1787

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  • Preetam Gaur

    Excellent course which explained in depth concepts

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  • Interview topics are covered within the lectures of this course.

Real-time scenarios are covered within the lectures of this course.

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