End to End Blue Prism-Learn Blue Prism from Zero to Hero-Certification Included


Blue Prism is one of the top most technology in Robotic Process Automation(RPA). Blue Prism occupies 90% of robotic projects in the world and this technology has good amount of jobs in the IT market. While designing this course we have taken into consideration about certification and in-depth subject which will help you to do projects in real-time environment. For those who wanted to learn Blue Prism this kick start course will be surely helpful to take you from zero to hero.

Features of Course

Practice examples Quizzes Sample automation tasks Practice Exercises Certification Questions and Answers Interview aspects Project real-time scenarios

What will you learn?

As learner you will learn below aspects: Developing robots with Blue Prism. Automating tasks from basic to advanced. Managing RPA projects on your own. Handling client requirements. Blue Prism certification questions and answers. Blue Prism real-time scenarios. Blue Prism zero to hero.


Anybody can learn this course. There are no prerequisites for it.

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  • Rhiannon


    This is an amazing course. Perfect one to learn Blue Prism, especially beginners like me.

  • Cues Nizac


    It covered great level of RPA and Blue Prism concepts. Happy to learn it.

  • Emmanuel


    Complete Blue Prism topics are covered

  • Zihiko


    Worth buying it, learned a lot from it

  • Ahley Conor


    Good one, I recommend this course

  • Delavic


    Best course

  • Brad Tim


    As a beginner I understood this course very clearly

  • Drerrick


    Very useful course

  • Xyi yuu


    Explained well, definitely worth learning

Please visit Certification page where you can search for various certification exams.

  • Interview aspects are covered within the sessions of this course.

Real-time scenarios are covered within the sessions of this course.

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