Learn Full Stack JavaScript Development with MongoDB, Node.js and Backbone.js


The course titled with "Learn Full Stack JavaScript Development with MongoDB, Node.js and Backbone.js" exclusively focuses on clarifying the concepts from basic to expert level with simple and easy explanation. As part of it this course is designed with extreme to reach all types of learners like beginners to experts. This course covers the certification concepts as well which will help you for the certification preparation. As this course explains from the fundamentals which will help even in clearing the interviews. Most realistic scenarios are covered in this course.

Features of Course

• Simple and easy explanation. • Basic to advanced concepts are covered. • Explained with real-time scenarios. • Project tips are covered. • Certification concepts are covered. • Helpful for doing real-time project

What will you learn?

This course walks you through from the basics to complex scenarios. Project real-time scenarios are covered in order to give you the project learning experience. You will gain good knowledge on the below topics: • Learning the Basics • About Environment Setup • jQuery and Parse.com • Getting Started with Backbone.js • Backbone.js and Parse.com • Introduction to Node.js • Introduction to MongoDB • Concluding it All Together


There are no prerequisites, anyone can learn this course.

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  • Interview concepts are covered within the lectures of the course.

Real-time scenarios are covered within the lectures of the course.

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