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Servicenow Administration-Learn from the Scratch


This course "Learn Servicenow Administration from the Scratch" will emphasize more on Servicenow Administration concepts from the basics to the advanced level. The main motto of the course is to make everyone as the expert in order to do the servicenow projects. Many real-time scenarios and projects tips are discussed over the various sessions. By keeping in mind about certification aspirants, certification tips are also covered in order to make them pass the exam easily.

Features of Course

Covering from the basic to advanced concepts. Simple and easy explanation for better understanding. Interview aspects are discussed. Project tips and Certification tips are discussed in the sessions.

What will you learn?

By end of the course you will learn completely about Servicenow Administration concepts like User Roles, UI Actions, Client Scripts, Servicenow Automation and more concepts. You will also learn Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, Knowledge Management and Data Management. Besides the core concepts you will also see some of the interview aspects and project tips as well. Whoever aims for Servicenow Certified System Administrator certification, this course helps for them too.


To learn this course there are no prerequisites. Anybody can learn it.

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    Useful course. Gained good knowledge

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    How people are giving 5 stars for this scrap.. Except audio nothing here. Nothing about Service now portal at all. Simply theatrical explanation about IT service management .its not about service now.you can get this info anywhere in the internet.

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    Many thanks to Vullam

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    This is one of the finest product

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  • Please be noted that interview tips and certification tips are covered within the sessions only.

Real-time scenarios are discussed within the sessions only.

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