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The Complete Study Guide on CompTIA PenTest+

(Helpful for Certification)


The course titled with "The Complete Study Guide on CompTIA PenTest+" is all about the subject which covers clear details from the basic to advanced concepts. This is intended for beginners to experts who can learn from basics to advanced scenarios. This course specially focuses on certification concepts as well. This course is designed with simple and easy illustrations for the better understanding.

Features of Course

• Simple and easy explanation. • Basic to advanced concepts are covered. • Explained with real-time scenarios. • Project tips are covered. • Certification concepts are covered. • Helpful for doing real-time project.

What will you learn?

From this course, as a learner one can learn the basic to expert level concepts. One can gain good knowledge with more real-time scenarios. It will help for Certification preparation. Here are the below concepts which will be covered as part of this course: • Introduction to Penetration Testing • Planning and Scoping Penetration Tests • Information Gathering • Vulnerability Scanning • Analyzing Vulnerability Scans • Exploit and Pivot • Exploiting Network Vulnerabilities • Exploiting Physical and Social Vulnerabilities • Exploiting Application Vulnerabilities • Exploiting Host Vulnerabilities • Scripting for Penetration Testing • Reporting and Communication


There are no prerequisites, anyone can learn this course.

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  • Interview concepts are covered within the lectures of the course.

Real-time scenarios are covered within the lectures of the course.

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